Raynaud’s Disease

Franken in Winter

Franken in Winter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This links in quite nicely with my mini report on “Chilblains”.

Unfortunately us women, the young and elderly are more likely to get Chilblains (of course, it would be called something deadly like malpeauteaitus if men got it) and also others who have poor circulation. So if you have Raynaud’s like me too, you might just have found out what your next Christmas present from Jack Frost is.

It’s not surprising seeing as what Raynaud’s is all about…

No-one is quite sure why yet but Raynaud’s Disease occurs due to a temporary spasm of the nerves that control blood flow, in particular to your hands and toes. This causes a colour change in your hands and feet, which often follows this pattern but not everyone experiences each stage and sometimes in a different order(my hands mainly seem to be either purple or red!)

  • first stage: the extremities turn white due to reduced blod supply
  • second stage: they then turn blue from insufficient oxygen, so they may feel numb and cold
  • third stage:a swelling and throbbing sensation may be felt as blood returns at a higher rate than normal and the body part turns red.

Similar methods of keeping the whole body warm as well as the extremities can help Raynaud’s just as with Chilblains and reducing stress levels and quitting smoking will also improve circulation.

Primary Raynaud’s is not very serious but Secondary Raynaud’s develops in association with other diseases such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, so if you are also experiencing joint swelling and pain, you might want to look into these and see your GP.

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